LANGA nitrogen and oxygen carts have been designed for carrying from two up to six nitrogen and oxygen standard cylinders (ø229 mm, 50 liters, 220 bar working pressure)*. They are an
effective and economical way to give service on all narrow and wide body aircraft and reduces aircraft maintenance time due to a simple and friendly operation panel.

The trolley can provide nitrogen at low pressure for inflation of aircraft tyres and use on hydropneumatics pumps mounted on hydraulic jacks, and high pressure for struts and accumulator inflation. The trolley can also provide oxygen at high pressure for emergency breathing accumulator systems.

Sturdy welded steel tubular construction supported by solid rubber wheels, to improve movements that allow towing speeds up to 25 km/h. Tow bar actuates as a parking brake when it is stored in the upright position.

Solid superelastic wheels and torsional suspension bars on front and rear axle increase the stability, safety and easy of movement. Control panel is ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use.

Two different panels located on the front and the rear clearly separate the different use with the gases to avoid any confusion in the daily use. The use with Oxygen and Nitrogen is marked on each panel.



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