MODEL HELIMOVER 6000 – PN 0616.00

The Skid Mounted Helicopters Transporter LANGA Helimover 6000, is a self‐propelled unit, designed and manufactured to transport and position helicopters weighing up to 6000 Kg (13.250 lb).

Its simple and functional design minimizes operation and maintenance tasks. Thanks to its performance, the system stands out from other methods used for skid mounted helicopter transport.

Excellent maneuverability on confined spaces due to longitudinal/transversal movements. Optimized design to use the equipment on aircraft carriers, frigates, hangars or runaways.

The weight‐bearing points mobility provides the system with a great versatility, being suitable for use with different helicopters such as BO‐105, BELL 205, BELL 206, BELL 209, BELL 210, BELL 212, BELL 412, BELL AH‐1 COBRA LYNX, EC‐135, EC‐120, ALH, H‐500, AW‐119, AS 350 / AS 355, etc.


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