The Langa Aircraft Weighing System on jacks provides the capability to weigh all commercial narrow and wide body aircraft with only three load cells integrated on tripod jacks used for lifting and lowering operations.

The equipment consists on load cells placed over tripod jacks, with auxiliary display to register the load. It is valid for hangar use for a quick and accurate weighing, and it is required for correct operation that :

  • the aircraft wheels are free on contact with the ground.
  • the aircraft is in correct level condition (pitch and roll attitude at 0°).


Weight systems are installed on each main tripod jacks and are composed by the:

  • Floating head (if it is needed) which absorbs the movements of the aircraft, or fixed interface
    with the aircraft (jacking pad). These pieces are fixed with the load cell through a central bolt
    with free rotation on the Z axis.
  • Load cells designed to work on compression or traction works and fixed to the tripod jack
    through an auxiliary piece with high resistance screws.
  • The interface with the jack is common with uses with or without load cells.
  • Each load cell has an auxiliary data module control where the operator can read the weight of
    each jack.
  • Data link between scales and the main PC is trough WI‐FI technology, in case the failure the
    data link can be made through conventional electric wires included on the equipment.


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