LANGA INDUSTRIAL has a large range of Wheel and Brake Service Carts from a compacted unit designed for regional and narrow body aircrafts which can transport the axle jack, the wheel and brake change dolly, through a unit incorporating, in addition, two main landing wheels, one brake assembly and on‐board nitrogen tyre charging system and maintenance tasks on struts and accumulators.

The cart is designed for movements on the tarmac and aircraft parking areas with maximum towing speeds up to 25 Km/hour.

The design allows easy loading and unloading operations through the lightweight folding ramps that offer a minimum gradient to load and unload main wide body wheels and other equipment like axle jack and wheel and brake changer dolly.

The service cart offers a long‐lasting reliability, low maintenance cost and easy and friendly use mode.

The P/N 1224.00 is designed to give service on the main narrow body fleets.

Loading platforms for jack and dolly are tiltable to reduce the overall gradient in order to make easy the load and unload operations.


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